Marathon Winter Series Race 3 Wesley Results

Canoeing Victoria Marathon Winter Series Race 3 held on the weekend saw some great racing in South Yarra with more than one hundred competitors paddling along the Yarra River.

In Division 1, the race between Michael Leverett and Casey Haynes came to a head in a sprint to the finish line with Leverett winning by 10 seconds. In Division 3, Damian Guthrie and Clinton Langdon won by a narrow margin of 4 seconds ahead of Brea Roadley and Tyler Annan-Coe after a very exciting race. Sam Tomkinson and Tom Noonan took out first place in the Division 4 and Peter O’Leary and Ed Noonan won Division 5.  Division 6 was a large field and Carter Turnbull and Macgregor Doyle worked hard to earn first place. Sean Jones and Thomas Chrisholm won the race in Division 7B. Alex Moore and Bailey Edgely-Fletcher comfortably won Division 8 with a lead of over 15 minutes. Rachel de Krester and Daria Niall paddled well to win Division 9.

The provisional results for Canoeing Victoria Marathon Winter Series Race 3 Wesley can be found in the link below.

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