Simplified Rules 

Ian Beasley has prepared a simplified version of the canoe polo rules. This is a great first stop for any players

Polo simplified rules

Official ICF Rules

Australian Canoe Polo competitions are run according to ICF rules for Canoe Polo.

Download a copy from their website.

Rule modifications for the Melbourne Competition

Victorian Canoe Polo uses some minor modifications to the ICF rules for it’s regular season competitions. These include:

  • No hand-tackles permitted in Novice grade
  • End-line rather than centre-line restarts are used in A, B and C grades
  • In all grades, a team may commence a game with only 4 players, rather than 5


Jen Stevens is the current Referees Director. Please direct any refereeing queries to her via the contacts form on the canoe polo home page.

The ICF has also created a great refereeing resource which you can access here.