Date Event Venue Flyer Entries/ results
Sun,   17-Jan-21 GP1: Murray River Classic Yarrawonga CANCELLED CANCELLED
Sat,   30-Jan-21 Victorian Short Course Marathon Champs Nagambie Click here Results
Sun,   07-Feb-21 GP2: Saltwater   Classic Footscray Click here Results
Sat,   20-Feb-21 Junior LD: 5 &   10 km Fairfield Park Click here Results
Sat,   27-Feb-21 Victorian Marathon   Championships Geelong rowing Results day 1
Sun,   28-Feb-21 Victorian Marathon   Championships Geelong rowing Results day 2
Fri,   05-Mar-21 Junior 200m   twilight sprints Studley Park Click here Click here
Sun,   14-Mar-21 Vic Schools   Marathon Championships Nagambie Click here Click here
Sat,   27-Mar-21* 2021 Frank Harrison Interstate Marathon Cup Albury Click here Click here
Sun,   28-Mar-21* 2021 Frank Harrison Interstate Marathon Cup Albury Click here Click here
Sun,   02-May-21 Marathon Winter   Series Race 1 – doubles Tay Creggan Click here Click here
Sun,   30-May-21 Marathon Winter   Series Race 2 – singles Yarrawonga Click here Click here
Sun,   20-Jun-21 Marathon Winter   Series Race 3 – team pursuit INCC Click here Click here
Sun,   18-Jul-21 Marathon Winter   Series Race 4 – doubles Patterson Lakes Click here Click here
Sun,   01-Aug-21* Footscray Salty   Single Blader Footscray
Sun,   15-Aug-21 Marathon Winter   Series Race 5 tba*
Sun,   05-Sep-21 Marathon Winter   Series Race 6 tba*
Sat,   09-Oct-21* Echuca Mini Barmah to Echuca
Sat,   16-Oct-21* Bendigo Cup –   Marathon Bridgewater
Sat,   30-Oct-21 Junior Head of the   Yarra team relay Fairfield Park
Sat,   06-Nov-21 Junior 3*3.5km   short course Lillydale Lake tbc
Sun,   14-Nov-21* Salty TK and Rec   challenge Footscray
Fri,   19-Nov-21 Junior 200m   twilight sprints Studley Park
Sat,   27-Nov-21* Murray Quad   Peaches & Cream Cobram to Tocumwal
Sun,   28-Nov-21 Junior Paddle to   the City INCC/Princess   Bridge
Sat,   11-Dec-21 Ben Ward Memorial   – Day 1 Yarrawonga
Sun,   12-Dec-21 Ben Ward circuit –   Day 2 Cobram

*To be finalised, provisional dates and venues provided where possible.

Past Results - 2020

Summer Series:
GP1 – Murray River Classic
GP2 – Saltwater Classic
GP3 – Frank Harrison Memorial Race (Saturday)
GP4 – Frank Harrison Memorial Race (Sunday)

Victorian Canoe Marathon Championships:
Day One Singles (Saturday)
Day Two Doubles (Sunday)

Victorian Schools Canoe Sprint and Marathon Championships
Marathon race 1
Marathon race 2

Bendigo Cup
Race results
Handicap results
5 lap and community fun paddle results

2020 Victorian Short Course – Bendigo
Race 1
Race 2
Friendly Sprints

2020 Victorian Short Course – Geelong
Race 1
Race 2

Past Results - 2017

Summer Seeries

Race 6 YMACC Murray River Classic – Kayaks  – Canoe/Adventure/Novice 

Race 7 Footscray Saltwater Classic

Race 8 – Frank Harrison Memorial Race day 1

Race 9 – Frank Harrison Memorial Race day 2

Victorian Canoe Marathon Championships

Day 1

Day 2

Australian Canoe Marathon Championships

Day 1

Day 2

Schools Sprint and Marathon Championships (preliminary results)

Marathon 1
Marathon 2
Sprint 1
Sprint 2

C4/K4 Dash

Salty Single Blader

Winter series

Race 1 – Warrnambool (Preliminary results)

Race 2 – Hawthorn

Race 3 – Fairfield team pursuit (Preliminary results):
– Results
– Handicap results

Race 4 – Patterson Lakes

Race 5 – Nagambie

Race 6 – Geelong

Summer Season

CVGT Echuca Mini Marathon

Broken Creek Classic

Past Results - 2010

Past Results - 2009

2009 Race Results

      GP1 Deniliquin
      GP2 Yarrawonga
      Schools Marathon
      WS1 Warrnambool – cancelled
      WS4 Essendon
      WS5 Bairnsdale
      WS6 Geelong

Past Results - 2008

Past Results - 2007

Past Results - 2006

Past Results - 2005

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Getting ready for your first race guide

Race Documents

Participant Entry Application and Declaration

Event Entry Form

Participant Medical Form

Handicap factors

2021 PV Marathon race series

Points after race 4

2019 Club and Individual Points for the Winter Series competition

Final individual points
Final overall points

2018 Club and Individual Points for the Winter Series competition

After race 4
Final overall rankings
Final club and school points

2017 Club and Individual Points for the Winter Series competition

Club and school points after race 2
Club points after race 5
Club points after race 6.
Paddler ponts after race 6.

2016 Club and Individual Points for the Winter Series competition

Club and school points
Paddler points

2015 Club and Individual Points for the Winter Series competition

Points after race 5
School points after race 5

2014 Club and Individual Points for the Winter Series competition

Final Points 2014 (after Race 7)

2014 Marathon Race Series

Canoeing Victoria 2014 Marathon Race Series is explained here The criteria for selection for the Victorian team is outlined in this document.

2014 Points System – The new 2014 points system is explained in the following document that is here. Handicap factors for touring class boats has been added.

Race Records

Race records document the fastest times for major races in various classes.

Echuca Mini

Murray Marathon / Massive Murray Paddle

Victorian clubs that do marathon paddling

Canoeing Victoria has many affiliated clubs who specialise in marathon paddling and have club coaches and boats available for their members to use when building their skills. For more information, contact the clubs directly. A list of clubs who support marathon paddling can be found hereand their contact information can be found here.


The Paddle Victoria Marathon COVIDSafe plan can be viewed here.

Marathon Diary of Events
The marathon diary provides you with all the information you will need for the marathon paddling year.

Marathon Diary 2021

Marathon Diary 2020

Marathon Diary 2019

Marathon Diary 2018

Marathon Diary 2017

Marathon Diary 2016

Marathon Diary 2015

Marathon Diary 2014

Victorian Team selection policy – Updated Feb 2021

PV Victorian Marathon Team Selection policy

PV Marathon Portaging policy

Paddlers should familiarise themselves with the new regulations concerning Personal Flotation Devices, which can be found below along with other relevant information for competing in and hosting CV-accredited races.

Marathon Rules and Regulations

Marathon medal policy

ICF Canoe Marathon Rules

Australian Canoeing Canoe Marathon Competition Rules

Divisional System Overview

Divisional System Rules

Points System (updated Feb 2021)

Craft Specifications

Handicap factors

Race protest form

Race Organisation
Competitor briefing checklist
Volunteer briefing checklist
Race official and volunteer job descriptions

Organising Winter Series and Grand Prix Races

For more information email Joe.

What is marathon?

Marathon racing involves paddling over long distances, on either the flatwater of lakes and dams, or the flowing water of a river. Victoria has many long rivers well suited for marathon canoeing. Canoeing Victoria and its affiliated clubs conduct marathon races throughout the year and throughout the state.

Traditional marathon racing competitions, like the World Cup and World Championships, involve a fixed flatwater course with regular portages, where the paddler must carry the canoe or kayak. Marathon races are held throughout the year in Victoria and cater for a wide range of ages and abilities. Most races are structured such that everyone, from novices to elite racers, can race over a distance suitable for their level of ability.

Many Victorian races have a full distance of around 24-32km for open age-group competitors while juniors and veterans will race reduced distances depending upon their age group. Most competitors race K or TK class craft but a wide range of craft including ocrean skis, outrigger canoes and stand up paddleboards are accepted at most Victorian marathon races.

Top paddlers can progress through the Victorian Championships to the Australian Championships and from there to the World Championships; an event in which Australian athletes have achieved great success. For many, the pinnacle of marathon racing is the annual Massive Murray Paddle, one of the longest annual canoe races in the world. Run over five days, it covers 404km of the mighty Murray River between Yarrawonga and Swan Hill.

If you are interested in reading more information on marathon paddling visit the Australian Canoeing marathon page.

2020 Victorian Team

Paddler Club Singles Doubles
Aidan Han Fairfield K1 M U16 K2 M U16
Alex Brunacci Geelong TC2 X Open
Andrea Szkibik PLCC K1/Rec W V55-64 K2 X V55-64
Callan Baker Fairfield K1 M U16
Ebony Merlo Bendigo K1 W U16
Emma Murray INCC Yarra K1 W U16
Gabby Walker INCC Yarra K2 W U18
Hamish Young INCC Yarra K1 M U23 K2 M Open
Hannah Scott INCC Yarra K1 W U23 K2 W Open
Isaac Johnson INCC Yarra K1 M U23 K2 M Open
Jo Davis Footscray C1 W V35+ TC2 W Open
Karen Merlo Bendigo TC2 W Open
Kate Leverett Barwon Heads K1 W Open K2 W Open
Maddie Lamb Barwon Heads K2 W Open
Mick Leverett Barwon Heads K1 M Open
Monique Wescott INCC Yarra K2 W U18
Nathan Jones Fairfield K1 M U18 K2 M U18
Neil Tattersall PLCC K2 X V55-64
Rachel de Kretser INCC Yarra K1 W U23
Rebecca Mann Goldfields K1 W Open K2 W Open
Rowan Doyle Fairfield C2/UC2 M Open
Russell Wood Mitta Mitta K1 M V35 K2 M V35
Sher-Wen Chan INCC Yarra TK1 W U16
Sophie Ward INCC Yarra TK2 W U16
Stephen Routley Fairfield C1/UC1 M V35+ C2/UC2 M Open
Tayla Rigo INCC Yarra TK2 W U16
Thomas Creed Goldfields TC1 M U16
Thomas Ladson Fairfield K2 M U16
Tony Bond Echuca Moama C1 M V65 C2/UC2 M Open
Total 19 22

Victorian team manager: Peter Jones

Team Manager: Peter Jones

2019 Victorian Team

Paddler Singles Doubles
Emma Murray K1 W U14 TK2 W U14
Gabby Walker K1 W U16 K2 W U16
Emily O’Rourke K2 W U18
Maddie Lamb K2 W U18
Alanna Johnson K1 W U23
Rebecca Mann K1 W Open K2 W Open
Kate Leverett K1 W Open K2 W Open
Nathan Jones K1 M U16 K2 M U16
Brendan Clarke K1 M U23
Michael Leverett K1 M Open K2 M Open
Dominic Scarfe K1 M V55 K2 M V55
John Young K2 M V55

Team Manager: Peter Jones

2018 Victorian Team

Alex Brunacci Vet M UC2
Brianna Jones U18 W K1 and U18 W K2
Debbie Bennett V55 W K2
Emily O’Rourke U18 W K2
Gabby Walker U16 W K2
Hamish Young Open M K2
Hannah Scott U18 W K1 and U18 W K2
Isaac Johnson Open M K2
Izzie Neilson U23 W K1 and Open W K2
Jessica Wang U14 W TK2
Joseph Burton U18 M K1
Mick Leverett Open M K1
Monique Wescott U16 W K1
Nicole Tattersall V35 W K1
Piper Wright U16 W K1 and U16 WK2
Rachel De Kretser U18 WK2
Seamus Spanner U18 M K1
Sean Jones U18 M K2
Suzanne Lipe V60 W K1 and V60 X K2
Tara Lavery U14 W K1 and U14 W K2
Tyler Creed U16 M TC1 and U16 M TC2
Victorian Team Manager Mark Heggie

2017 Victorian Team

Piper Wright (INCC)                                      U14 WK1

Chelsea Beale (Bendigo)                              U16 WK1

Monique Westcott (INCC)                           U16 WK2

Joseph Burton (Coaching Evolution)         U16 MK1 and U16 MK2

Sean Jones (Coaching Evolution)               U16 MK1 and U16 MK2

Brianna Jones (INCC)                                    U18 WK1 and U18 WK2

Hannah Scott (INCC)                                    U18 WK1 and U18 WK2

Emily O’Rourke (INCC)                                 U18 WK2

Rachel De Kretser (INCC)                             U18 WK2

Jack Osborne (Coaching Evolution)           U18 MK1

Isabel Neilson (Coaching Evolution)         U23 WK1 and Open WK2

Matilda Stevenson (INCC)                            U23 WK1

Olivia Kurczycki (INCC)                                Open WK2

Kate Leverett (Barwon Heads)                  Open WK1 and Open WK2

Marlena Ahrens (Fairfield)                          Open WK1 and Open WK2

David Ceddia (Mercantile)                          Open MK1

Michael Leverett (Barwon Heads)            Open MK1 and Open MK2

Ivor Morgan (Footscray)                              Open MK2

Suzanne Lipe (INCC)                                     V60 WK1 and V55 XK2

Peter Currie (Geelong)                                 V55 MK1

Rob Russell (INCC)                                        V55 MK1 and V55 XK2

Victorian Team Manager                             Mark Heggie

Deputy Victorian Team Manager               Ralph Wright

2016 Victorian Team

Kate Leverett (Barwon Heads) – Open WK1

Marlena Ahrens (Fairfield) – Open WK1 and Open WK2

Michael Leverett (Barwon Heads) – Open MK1 and Open MK2

David Ceddia (PLCC) – Open MK2

Penny Young (INCC) – U23 WK1 and Open WK2

Madeleine Sloane (INCC) – U23 WK1

Logan Dutton (INCC) – U23 MK1 and Open MK2

Ed Lovick (Footscray) – U23 MK1 and Open MK2

Hannah Scott (INCC) – U18 WK1 and U18 WK2

Isabel Neilson (INCC) – U18 WK1 and U18 WK2

Brianna Jones (INCC) – U18 WK2

Stephanie Langley (INCC) – U18 WK2

David Inguanti (Geelong) – U18 MK1

Brendan Clarke (Coaching Evolution) – U18 MK1

Sean Jones (Coaching Evolution) – U16 MK1 and U16 MK2

Jack Osborne (Coaching Evolution) – U16 MK1

Joseph Burton (MMCC) – U16 MK2

Russell Wood (MMCC) – V35 MK1

Suzanne Lipe (INCC) – V55 WK1

Lisa Newton (Fairfield) – V55 WK2

Rob Russell (INCC) – V55 MK1


Victorian Team manager: Ralph Wright

2015 Victorian Team

Selection classes: singles
  • Open Mens K1: Michael Leverett
  • Open Womens K1: Kate Leverett and Marlena Ahrens
  • U23 Mens K1: Ed Lovick and Casey Haynes
  • U23 Womens K1: Penny Young and Brea Roadley
  • U18 Mens K1: Hamish Young and Callum Gosbell
  • U18 Womens K1: Isabel Neilson and Megan Macko
Selection classes: doubles
  • Open Mens K2: Michael Leverett, Ed Lovick, Casey Haynes and Logan Dutton
  • Open Womens K2: Marlena Ahrens, Penny Young and Brea Roadley
  • U18 Mens K2: Callum Gosbell and Andrew Holloway
  • U18 Womens K2: Isabel Neilson and Stephanie Langley
Juniors: singles
  • U16 Mens K1: Macgregor Doyle and Carter Turnbull
  • U14 Mens K1: Sean Jones
Juniors: doubles
  • U16 Mens K2: Carter Turnbull, Macgregor Doyle
Veterans: singles
  • V50 Mens K1: Dominic Scarfe
  • V55 Mens K1: Leonid Levit
  • V55 Womens K1: Suzanne Lipe and Joanne Davis
  • V60 Womens K1: Adele Walker and Gayle Burke
Veterans: doubles
  • V55 Mixed K2: Rob Russell, Suzanne Lipe, Steve Vegh, Maggie Vegh
  • V60 Womens TK2: Adele Walker and Gayle Burke
Marathon Committee

Chairperson                John Young                0417 444 350

Vice Chairman           Joe Alia                     0418 920 401

Secretary                  Sue O’Rourke

Treasurer                   Vacancy

Website Manager        Arabella Eyre        0488 235 521


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