Profile – James Winter

Name James Winter
Age 16
Which club are you a member of? Geelong Canoe Club
What team do you play for in your local competition? Geelong
How long have you been playing canoe polo? 3-5 years
Why do you play canoe polo Fun, sporty, and great to play
What is your funniest canoe polo story or moment? Seeing an opposition player have a shot at goal and throw it into her teammates paddle right next to her then scream sub
What other kinds of kayaking/canoeing do you do? Flatwater recreational
What is your training regime? 2 on water sessions and 2-3 gym sessions a week
Do you have any tips for aspiring polo players? The more you get into it the better it gets
What about when you are not playing polo?
Sporting hero Matt Moore
Favourite film 21 jump street
Favourite band/music Modern pop
What else do you do? surf and footy