We were very lucky to have hosted Ramon Andersson the head WAIS coach, current coach on the Australian junior team. Ramon has won medals at both the world and Olympic championships over his career and we were very lucky to have him speak to us at one of our local clubs INCC.
Ramon was very generous to spend a few hours discussing some top training tips and sharing his knowledge of training methods and the most effective ways to train.
The most emphasized fact of the morning was, believe it or not, that sprint and marathon actually do complement each other therefore get stuck into both for total success!
The other key takeaways from the morning were the importance of structured training and data collection, especially when training alone collecting real-time data is the most effective method to improve your fitness and speed.
Other top tips included doing an aerobic session to a metronome for fluid stroke count and separation, he also stated the importance of not overtraining and this is effectively done through separating training blocks and not trying to train endurance, speed and lactic acid tolerance at once.

Massive thank you to Lawrie Chenoweth for organising Ramon to come and run the clinic at Ivanhoe Northcote canoe club.

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