Paddle Australia Code of Behaviour

Behaviour Policy
Paddle Australia (PA) and its State Paddle Associations (SPAs) (each referred to
singularly as “the Organisation”) are committed to providing a safe, fair and inclusive
environment for everyone involved in our Organisation and in paddling.

This policy outlines the Code of Conduct and standards of behaviour expected by the
Organisation to be followed and respected at all times by Workers, both during normal
working hours and in any work-related context including conferences, work functions,
business trips and via mobile phones, email and other electronic communication
(including social media).

Safeguarding Children and Young People
Looking After Our Kids – Code of Behaviour – Clubs
Looking After Our Kids – Code of Behaviour – Paddle Australia Personnel

Fair Play Code:
Sport and Recreation Victoria
The Victorian Government’s Fair Play Code – a code of conduct for sport and recreation in Victoria, outlines the standards of behaviour expected for everyone involved in sport and recreation.

Fair Play Code

Fair Play Code – Is your club ready – Self Assessment Tool

Fair Play Code Responsibilities

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