How to Form a New Club

To become an affiliated club with Paddle Victoria, clubs need to be registered as incorporated with Consumer affairs.


  • At least 5 members
  • Members have voted and wish to become incorporated
  • Have a name
  • Have a “Statement of Purpose” – Paddle Victoria include this in their constitution
  • Apply for incorporation with Consumer Affairs
  • Pay the applicable fee to consumer affairs.

Useful Links

Affiliating with Paddle Victoria

Affiliating with Paddle Victoria provides your club with Public Liability insurance and directors indemnity for committee members plus a free web site with a domain such as “” and an associated email address that is redirected to a personal email.  The web site and database enables member management, emails/ newsletters, calendar’s, news items and other features.  In addition, our administration and education team may provide assistance in areas like grant applications, membership administration, risk management and coach and instructor education.

Affiliation Declaration Form 2021-22

In addition to club affiliation, members of an affiliated club must become members of Paddle Victoria as well. This provides membership benefits including membership with Paddle Australia, State and National newsletters, competition infrastructure, personal accident insurance, high performance pathways, representation to government bodies for facility and water way access etc.

Check out our Membership page for membership forms and information on the fee structure.

For more information, please contact the office on 9020 2750 or by email