There are many different qualifications that teachers can obtain in order to improve their paddling skills and develop their on-water group management skills.

The Paddle Australia Qualification Scheme (PAQS) is the national benchmark for paddling, designed and supported by Paddle Australia, the peak national paddling body recognised by the Federal government. The Scheme presents the highest standards of skills and safety to the general public, recreational paddlers, commercial operators and administrative officials.

The Award Scheme has been created for paddler development in both skills and knowledge to enrich the paddlers’ enjoyment of the sport and to develop safe practices amongst all paddlers. The Scheme is designed to allow anyone to enter at any level. The Skill Awards help define minimum paddling skills for those who wish to guide or instruct.

The Guide and Instructor Awards represent industry quality paddling awards recognised throughout Australia for use in industry, education and clubs. The Skill Awards are more than just competency based. Holders of a given skill award have a moderated set of paddling skills that allow those paddlers to operate confidently and safely within their tested conditions.

Course Assessors are people that are Instructors in their own right who have additional experience and the ability to judge the standards of other paddlers

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