Schools and Nationals Whitewater Carnival Wrapup

Schools and Nationals Wrapup

Results for the Schools, Wildwater, Southern Cup and Nationals Slalom races are available from links below. An event of this size does not happen without a lot of assistance from volunteers. The lists below are in no specific order and I apologise if anyone has been missed.

Those who made a large contribution both before & during the event

Kate Slatter (Programme, Safety, newsletters), Mike Lau (budgets), Dean Tonkin (Marquee, working bees), Stuart McConnell,Chris Wharton (entries, wildwater), Jenny Lau (compiling, entries),Karen Janiszewski (compiling),Paul Grant (he & Bill Hopper put together the start gate), Leanne & Craig McLaughlan (catering),Bill Hopper, Roy Farrance (sponsors), Christine & Peter Grant

Volunteers for the event (judges etc)

Laura Montalto, Trevor Carter, Jamie Rankin, Ordette & Matt Webster, Bryce Poulier, Daphne Smith, Steve & Cindy Coward (fantastic effort on safety & finish), Tim Lau (set up finish beams, trouble shooter), Graham Hobbs, Sean O’Donoghue-Hayes, Fiona Clark, Max Myers (safety, trouble shooter), Jill & Russell Bassett, Paul Loughran, Chris O’Callaghan, Jan Anderson, Kiara McKay’s Dad, Shirley Go, Lisa Collins, Peter Eckhardt, Theo Aravanis, Paul Main, Steven Pride, David Irene LeMottee, Tony Orso, Kylie & Alan Wilson, Peter Hogg, Roger Douglass (Wildwater finish). David Gibbs (wildwater start)


Australian Canoeing, Australian Sports Commission, Murrindindi Shire Council, The Outdoor Education Group, Victorian State Government, Canoeing Victoria, Companion Brands, Ivanhoe Grammar School, Wilson Partners, Axxin, Baldwin Medical, Melbourne Canoe Club, Canoes Plus

Schools: trophy Winners

  • Senior Female Whitewater Champion (Isabella Choate)
  • Senior Male Champion (Tristan Carter)
  • Junior Female Champion (Georgie Tonkin)
  • Junior Female Champion (Kira Wall)
  • Junior Male Champion (Louis Richardson)

Schools results:

school final results 

Whitewater classic

Whitewater sprint

We ran out of medals for the schools and have ordered more which will be sent to your team managers. If anyone is missing a label on their medal and would like one please send an email to with mailing address and qty required. Offer expires 25th Jan 2015

Southern Cup results:

Southern cup

Nationals results and trophy winners:

National events 

Nationals finals

National trophies

Good luck to all the people competing in the Australian Open. Calendars of events for slalom and wildwater for 2015 will be available soon.

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