Victorian Schools Whitewater Championship Results

Congratulations to all the paddlers yesterday and today at the Victorian Schools Whitewater Championships.

Many thanks to all those who judged, assisted with course set up and pull-down, officials, sausage turners, and trailer tow-ers.

I would like to acknowledge a few folk who were key to a very successful weekend: Dean Tonkin – the king of logistics; Dita Pahl for course design; Peter Grant- Chief Judge; Chris Wharton for organising entries, permits and the DR race; Kate Slatter – queen of the paperwork; Karen Janiszewski and Jenny Lau for compiling; Mike Lau Gooey – who had a finger in everything, all the starters and finishers; and the safety paddlers slalom: Max Myers, Andrew Stamp, Scott Guinea, Chris Fegan and Tim Lau. downriver: Paul Grant, Wes Hurrey, Paul Loughram, Bill Hopper Kristy Packham and William Silcox

The individual winners:

Most Outstanding Overall Senior Male Competitor: Tristan Carter (Ivanhoe Grammar School)

Most Outstanding Overall Senior Female competitor: Eliza Singleton (Bendigo Senior Secondary College)

Most Outstanding Overall Junior Male Competitor: Samuel Grant (Ivanhoe Grammar School) and Robert Janiszewski (Wesley College)

Most Outstanding Overall Junior Female Competitor: Zoe Lau (Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School)

The Jackie Handley Memorial Award – Best C1W competitor: Eliza Singleton

The six perpetual School Trophies

The boys' team with the most points: Ivanhoe Grammar School

The girls' team with the most points: Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School

The highest scoring school with 31 or more paddlers: Ivanhoe Grammar School

The Danielle Woodward Trophy awarded to the highest scoring school with 10 to 30 paddlers: Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School

The Boldiston Trophy awarded to the highest scoring school with less than 10 paddler: Eltham College

The inaugural Canoes Plus Elite Schools Slalom Award to the school with the highest average points per slalom paddler: Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School


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