Marathon winter series race 3 update

We are preparing to run winter series race 3 in Fairfield this Sunday June 20th.

The race proceeding is contingent upon two things:

  1. COVID-19 restrictions easing at midnight on Thursday as planned. This should allow community sporting events.
  2. The river level dropping below the current level. Due to heavy rainfall and flooding the river is 2m above normal levels. We are expecting this to drop by the weekend.

We anticipate that both of these conditions will ease and we are planning for the event to go ahead as planned this Sunday.

Race format
The race format will be a ‘Teams Race’ for each division.
Teams race with 2 to 4 boats in each team and can comprise singles or doubles or a mix of both.
Timed race with staggered starts.
The objective is to work together to get ALL of your team over the line in the fastest time. Your teams time is taken as your last team boat comes over the finish line.
All starts face downstream, just before the Pipe Bridge. All finishes face upstream.
Click here for more info.

Entries close at 5.00 pm Friday 18th June 2021. No entries accepted on the day.
Click here to enter.

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