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For more ocean racing news check out Paddle Australia’s updates on https://paddle.org.au/paddlesports/canoe-ocean-racing/#news 

For updated Ocean Racing news check out Paddle Australia’s updates on https://paddle.org.au/paddlesports/canoe-ocean-racing/#news

For all the upcoming Paddle Victoria events including ocean racing, check out the calendar.

To get started have a look at Paddle Australia’s Ocean Racing page.

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Keep checking back here for information regarding Victorian Team selection policies, Team Manager position descriptions and Officials nominations as well as the announcement of the Victorian Team!

2016-17  Ocean Racing Committee

General            Pete Currie            curriepg@hotmail.com            0425 784 228

General            John Lisica            fpa@fitnesslifestyle.com.au    0418 106 656

If you have any questions contact the Paddle Victoria office on (03) 9020 2750 or email executive_officer@paddlevic.org.au