King River Slalom Timed Runs 18th August 2019

King River Slalom Timed Runs 18th August 2019 This was a training event and allowed an unlimited number of timed and scored runs on a...

Victorian Slalom and Down River Championships (Incl. Schools)

2019 Victorian Schools Slalom and Down River Championships 7th and 8th September 2019 The Victorian Slalom Technical Committee & the Victorian Wild water Committee are...

Marathon- Winter Series Race 5 (S) VENUE CHANGE

Please note, the upcoming Winter Series Race 5 will be held in Nagmabie (no longer Geelong). Apologies for the change. Happy racing!

Active Club Grants 2019-2020

The Sports Community organisation have multiple grants coming up for this season. If you are apart of club who has a focus on local engagement...

Goulburn River Classic – November 9th 2019

The Goulburn Classic is Australia's oldest canoe race. It was originally 100 miles non-stop with heroic stories of paddlers negotiating the fast flowing river at night....

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Getting Started

Often wondered what canoeing or kayaking was like? Have the kids just returned from camp raving about how much fun they had? Had your curiosity piqued by the Massive Murray Paddle?

We recommend you join us on a one-hour introduction session to teach you the basics of paddling and show you what types of paddling you may be interested in participating in!

You can also view the Paddle Smart Victoria website to learn more about how to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable paddling experience.