Bendigo Cup Sprints day

Coming Up Event Sun 27: Bendigo Friendly sprints. Fantastic fun for all ages even in the sea kayaks and DR boats . Free morning tea &...

Victorian DR Championship Results 15th Sep 2019

Thanks to all the officials who made the event possible. Start: Chris Galea, Neville Humfrey, Frank Strmecki Finish:  Lyne Strmecki, Sean O'Donahue-Hayes, Hannah Fastest time...

Paddle Victoria Marathon Club Points after Race 6

Fairfield Canoe Club has taken the lead from INCC in the 2019 Winter Series Club points. That goes to show what herding the cats can...

Vic DR Championship – Homestead Road to Wittons Reserve

Homestead to Witton’s 4km - Enjoy the good water while the Yarra is up After you have enjoyed the fun of the schools DR race...

SLALOM RESULTS: 2019 Junior Slalom and Down River Championships (Inc Schools)

Results 2019 Vic Schools Canoe Slalom Championships Thanks to everyone who helped out to run this race and the paddlers who were there to enjoy...

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Getting Started

Often wondered what canoeing or kayaking was like? Have the kids just returned from camp raving about how much fun they had? Had your curiosity piqued by the Massive Murray Paddle?

We recommend you join us on a one-hour introduction session to teach you the basics of paddling and show you what types of paddling you may be interested in participating in!

You can also view the Paddle Smart Victoria website to learn more about how to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable paddling experience.