Mark Heggie

Paddle Victoria Executive Officer


Mark has a business background, owning and running a business in the fields of Design and Production and Fashion (wholesale and retail) where he has worked with a number of different corporate businesses and government sectors, from local government through to the Prime Minister’s department. Mark has held board positions on Craft Victoria and Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery as well as various positions on canoeing club committees. His work with these groups included funding applications, experience dealing with local and state government procedures and finance management.


Mark has a passion for canoeing and was first introduced to the world of paddling at the age of 12. His family were involved in the emergence of sprint canoeing in Victoria and Mark was a member of the first Australian Junior Sprint Team to represent Australia at the World Championships. The experience leading and instructing sea kayakers allowed Mark to paddle on a multitude of waterways across the state. Mark has paddled with and served on the committee of multiple canoe clubs across Victoria and has experience in both the competitive and recreational sides of paddling. His enthusiasm for the sport is clear and Mark is still an active contributor to the community today, participating as a coach and volunteer for his current club. He has seen firsthand how canoeing can play a positive role in enhancing people’s lives and intends to encourage as many people as possible to experience the variety of paddling opportunities Victoria has to offer.

Mark is looking forward to taking on the challenge of the role, saying that “capturing, inspiring and retaining participation from junior years to lifelong participation will be my quest and there are many good people in the paddling community that will help make it happen.”

Joe Alia
Past Interested Director

Joe Alia has been a member of the canoeing community for over 40 years. He has experience in virtually all the roles within the community, from paddling to coaching, volunteering, club committee work and officiating. He has been heavily involved in marathon competition but also appreciates the role recreational paddling plays in building the presence of canoeing across Victoria.

Joe’s profession background is engineering. He has managed manufacturing businesses throughout his career and has experience owning an engineering business for over 20 years. Joe has extensive experience as a personal trainer with over 30 years coaching experience and over 12 years of sport specific training experience. He enjoys the challenge of creating tailored programs to suit individual needs and setting plans to achieve goals.

Joe would like the board to be seen as more relevant to general paddling and as a place of first call for any issues involving canoeing/kayaking. His main objectives include working towards Canoeing Victoria being seen as the pre-eminent state body in Australian Canoeing and to see a rise in membership across all disciplines in paddling sports.



Andrea Boothroyd Profile

Past Executive Officer

Andrea joined Paddle Victoria in 2002 as a Project Officer, was promoted to Co-Executive Officer from 2006-2012, and was appointed as Executive Officer in 2013.

Andrea brings 15 years experience working in marketing and project management for some of Australia’s leading organisations including BHP, CSIRO, Ansett Australia and Origin Energy.

Andrea’s hands on experience is supported by a Master of Business and Graduate Diplomas in Sports Management and in Marketing.

As a recreational paddler, Andrea has competed in several Murray Marathons including completing the gruelling full distance of 404km, and for the last few years, she has taken on the challenge of novice grade canoe polo.

Andrea is passionate about developing life-long opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to participate in canoeing.

Lawrie Chenoweth Profile

Independent Director


Lawrie has grown up with canoeing, the son of Ross Chenoweth who was the first secretary of what is now Australia Canoeing. Lawrie has competed in both sprint and marathon events and has represented Victoria and Australia in sprint K1, K2 and K4, first racing in the Australian championships in 1966 at the age of 9, Lawrie has also completed three Murray Marathons full distance events in K1, K2 and K4.

Lawrie is an active member of Ivanhoe Northcote Canoe Club and has had several positions in the committee over the past 20 years. Over the past few years, Lawrie is also involved with coaching at a junior level. Lawrie operates a small company employing seven people.

Lawrie would like to see canoeing grow and give all participants in all disciplines the opportunity and enjoyment that a great sport like canoeing has been for him.

Tony Coventry Profile

Past Independent Director
2011- May 2015

Tony brings to the Canoeing Victoria board a multitude of experiences in education and risk management stemming from positions in the industrial and education sectors.

Tony has been an outdoor education teacher for 15 years, leading and assisting a wide range of adventure activities with secondary school students and staff. He also spent five years working at Canoeing Victoria as the Education Manager, performing administration roles in the conduction of courses such as the Australian Canoeing Award Scheme. He has held a number of qualifications including Flatwater and Whitewater Instructor, Advanced White Water Rescue and Assessor and has a keen interest in sports development.

Tony has also worked in Industrial Safety for ten years as a consultant and trainer for Working at Heights as well as Confined Space and Asbestos. He has experience in applying OHS legislation to a range of activities and organisations.

Tony has been President for Kananook Creek Canoe Club for five years and brings together his many years of experience to contribute his valuable input to the Canoeing Victoria Board.

Daisy Brooke

Past Independent Director


Daisy is an experienced sports administrator having spent 15 years in the industry. Beginning her career in health promotion with the Heart Foundation she has progressed to work for national sports organisations across the world.

After a short time consulting in organisational development in the finance sector, Daisy moved to Australia in 2009. She took up a sport development position with Yachting Victoria and subsequently Yachting Australia. She is currently the Head of Program Development and Evaluation at the Alcohol and Drug Foundation.

Daisy holds a Master’s degree, PhD, and Clinical Doctorate and was an Economic and Social Research Council Scholar.

With skills in strategic planning, program development, and education and training, she hopes to contribute to the development of Paddle Victoria.

Richard Lawrence Profile

Interested Director
2005-2009, 2013-2017

Richard was initially elected to the board at the first AGM operating under the new constitution adopted in 2006. Richard served two terms before taking a short break and was elected again in 2013.

During Richard’s time on the board he has assisted Canoeing Victoria staff to establish protocols relating to changes in the constitution and safety audits of their paddling equipment.

He has also co-ordinated input from a Board appointed subcommittee charged with developing a section for recreational paddlers on the Canoeing Victoria web site which was subsequently used for the development of a Paddle Victoria site.

Richard has also served on the South Gippsland Shire’s Recreational Advisory Committee. He played a role in assisting the Shire to prioritise grant applications from community groups on the basis of need and the benefit to the community, taking into consideration a number of wards. He has also served as Chairman of a farmer’s co-operative in Victoria.

Richard has been paddling for over 60 years across a broad range of canoeing disciplines from canoeing, paddle boardings, ski paddling, white water, flat water and sea touring. He has been actively involved in canoeing at club level for the past 13 years, acting as a club contact for hosting a number of Canoeing Victoria marathon events and as race director for club events.

Richard is keen to see the further development of opportunities for recreational paddlers in Victoria.

James Winter

Geelong Canoe Club


James Winter is sixteen years old and is a loyal member of the Geelong Canoe Club. James has been playing Canoe Polo for more than five years and has stayed in the sport because it is great fun to play. He trains on water twice a week and as well as in the gym 2-3 times per week. James also enjoys flatwater recreational paddling.