Membership Fees

In addition to the club membership fees, members of an affiliated club must become members of Paddle Victoria and Paddle Australia as well. Your membership provides benefits including membership with Paddle Australia, State and National newsletters, competition infrastructure, personal accident insurance, high performance pathways, representation to government bodies for facility and water way access etc.


Online Registration  – Click here to register online!

Membership Fees

Fixed Date Membership Clubs:

Membership from 1st July to 30th June These club offer a 50% pro rata discount for new members registering after the 1st January.

Rolling Membership Clubs:

Offer a 12 month membership from the date of registration. No pro rata is offered

Price Increases From 1st June 2024

Adult Membership : $115.00 + Club Membership fee for 12 months Includes : $68 to Paddle Victoria and $47.00 to Paddle Australia

Junior Membership (under 18) : $62.50 + Club Membership fee for 12 months Includes : $39.00 to Paddle Victoria and $23.50 to Paddle Australia

Volunteer Membership : $0.00 –  Non Paddling Member (Must have a Working With Children Check)

Club Affiliation Declaration Form 

Each club must submit a form to Paddle Victoria by the 31st July

Club Contacts Form

This form needs to be submitted to Paddle Victoria within 2 weeks of your Clubs AGM

Member Insurance

Paddle On Foundation Please be aware that the Paddle On Foundation is still available to help and support member welfare. This maybe in the form of struggling to renew their membership or with other health issues (mental or physical). The Paddle On Foundation is not just to support members with financial constraints but those who may be struggling in other aspects aswell.

Paddle On Foundation – Donation The Paddle On Foundation helps those most in need to start or continue paddling. Specifically, it aims to support those impacted financially, so that they can maintain their Club membership or join a Club at a time when their wellbeing and being part of a supportive community is particularly important.

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