What is Canoe/Kayak Marathon?

What is marathon?

Canoe/Kayak Marathon involves paddling over long distances, on either the flatwater of lakes and dams, or the flowing water of a river. Victoria has many long rivers well suited for marathon canoeing. Paddle Victoria and its affiliated clubs conduct marathon races throughout the year and throughout the state.

Traditional marathon racing competitions, like the ICF Canoe Marathon World Cup and World Championships, involve a fixed flatwater course with regular portages, where the paddler must carry the canoe or kayak. Marathon races are held throughout the year in Victoria and cater for a wide range of ages and abilities. Most races are structured such that everyone, from novices to elite racers, can race over a distance suitable for their level of ability.

Many Victorian races have a full distance of around 24-32km for open age-group competitors while juniors and veterans will race reduced distances depending upon their age group. Most competitors race K or TK class craft but a wide range of craft including ocean/surf skis, outrigger canoes and stand up paddleboards are accepted at most Victorian marathon races.

Top paddlers can progress through the Victorian Canoe Marathon Championships to the Australian Championships and from there to the World Championships; an event in which Australian athletes have achieved great success.

For many paddlers the pinnacle of marathon racing is the annual Massive Murray Paddle, one of the longest annual canoe races in the world. Run over five days, it covers 404km of the mighty Murray River between Yarrawonga and Swan Hill.

Calendar & Race Registrations

Click on the links in the table to view the race flyer (info) and to register (rego).


Click here to download the 2023 PV Marathon Race Calendar flyer. Check the table below and Facebook for the latest race information.

Link to the Boating Activity Exemption: Yarra Doubles, Tay Creggan and City Singles, Essendon

21-22 Jan Frank Harrison Interstate Marathon Cup, Albury Info
Results Sat/Sun
5 Feb Saltwater Classic, Footscray Info
26 Feb Murray River Classic, Yarrawonga Info
5 Mar VIC School Marathon & Sprint Championships, Bendigo Info
Event 1 Results, Event 2 Results, overall trophies
11-12 Mar VIC Canoe Marathon Championships, Geelong Info
Results: Singles, Doubles
6-10 Apr Oceania & Paddle Australian Canoe Marathon & SUP Championships, Geelong Website
7 May Yarra Doubles, Tay Creggan, Hawthorn Info
18 Jun City Singles, Essendon Info
16 Jul Team Pursuit, Fairfield Park, INCC Info
23-24 Sep Bendigo Cup & Paddling Clinics, Bendigo Info (coming soon)
Rego (coming soon)
14 Oct Echuca Mini, Barmah to Moama
12 Nov Salty TK and Rec Challenge, Footscray
9-10 Dec Murray Triple Crown, Murray River:
– Ben Ward Memorial, Yarrawonga to Cobram
– Thompsons Beach Circuit, Cobram
– Peaches & Cream, Cobram to Tocumwal
9 Dec Paddle VIC Marathon Awards



Victorian Government COVIDSafe Settings


  • Do not attend if you have symptoms, are unwell or have been instructed to isolate or quarantine.
  • Maintain at least 1.5m physical distance between others at all times.
  • Observe face covering, cough etiquette and personal hygiene.


PV Marathon COVIDSafe Plan Summary (Dec 2020)
PV Marathon COVIDSafe Plan (Dec 2020)


PV Marathon Races on Webscorer: https://www.webscorer.com/CVMarathon


2023 Frank Harrison Interstate Marathon Cup: Saturday / Sunday
2023 Saltwater Classic: Results
2023 Murray River Classic: Results
2023 Victorian Schools Marathon Championships: Event 1 Results, Event 2 Results, overall trophies
2023 Victorian Canoe Marathon Championships: Singles, Doubles
2023 Oceania & Paddle Australia Canoe Marathon & SUP Championships: Results
2023 Yarra Doubles, Tay Creggan: Results


2022 Frank Harrison Interstate Marathon Cup: Saturday / Sunday / State points / Individual points
2022 Saltwater Classic Start 1 / 2 / 3 / 3 (Ocean Canoe) / 4 / 7
2022 Victorian Schools Marathon Championships race 1 / race 2
2022 Victorian Canoe Marathon Championships Saturday (singles) / Sunday (doubles)
2022 Murray River Classic Results
2022 Australian Canoe Marathon Championships, QLD Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3
2022 Yarra Doubles Results
2022 VIC Short Course Marathon Champs Day 1 / Day 2
2022 VIC Teams Relay & Paddle Rally Cancelled
2022 City Twilight Results
2022 Echuca Mini Cancelled
2022 Bendigo Cup Singles / Doubles
2022 Salty TK & Rec Challenge Results
2022 Bendigo Friendly
2022 Ben Ward Metro Results

Volunteers & Officials

Officials & Volunteers

PV Marathon believes that safe and efficient management of events requires officials and volunteers to have trained in advance for the roles they fill at events.

Becoming an Official or Race-day Volunteer

To find out more about officiating go to the Paddle Australia Officiating webpage.

To help prepare volunteers for race day, we have produced a PV Marathon Race Official & Volunteer Handbook and a series of videos for different volunteer roles. Click here to view training videos.

If you are interested in becoming a Paddle Australia – Marathon Official or a race day volunteer please email Sue O’Rourke.

Finding an Official

To find a registered official go to the Paddle Australia Qualification Search webpage.

Team Wear

Paddling Uniform

The Paddle Victoria Marathon uniform consists of a singlet or long-sleeve paddling top and paddling shorts. Note: The PV logo is on the left arm of the Long-sleeved Dri-Gear Paddling Top not the front, so it is still visible when wearing a lifejacket/PFD.

Other On and Off-water Gear

Paddle Victoria Marathon offers a range of on-water paddling tops and off-water tees, hoodies, jackets and merinos. All items are embroidered with the Paddle VIC Marathon logo and are in Victorian team colours. These items will complement your paddling uniform and are ideal to wear at Nationals, PV Marathon events or training. Please note all items are optional; you do not need to buy any item unless you wish.

Click here to view the full list of items and sizing guides or view the PV Marathon Paddle Wear information flyer.

How to Order

Some items will be available at PV Marathon events for you to try on and buy, or you can place an order on-line through our “shop” on Register Now at: https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=34025. Please order in plenty of time, in case we don’t have the item in stock. Postage is an additional cost.
NOTE: The paddling singlet is a very tight fit – consider ordering 1 or 2 sizes larger.


Your First Race
Getting ready for your first race guide

Rules and Policies
For information on rules and policies go to the “Resources” tab.

Organising Races
PV Marathon Race Official and Volunteer Handbook (updated Mar 2022)
Participant Medical Form (updated Apr 2022)
Race protest form
Competitor briefing checklist
Volunteer briefing checklist
Organising Winter Series and Grand Prix Races

2022 Long Distance Club Championship
In 2022 we have updated our points system/trophies and formed an updated 2022 Long Distance Club Championships where paddlers and clubs will be awarded points for the entire 2022 racing calendar.
Click here to view the description of the 2022 Long Distance Club Championships.

Race Records

Race records document the fastest times for major races in various classes.

Echuca Mini

Murray Marathon / Massive Murray Paddle

Getting Started

Paddle Victoria Marathon Clubs

Paddle Victoria has many affiliated clubs who specialise in marathon paddling and have club coaches and boats available for their members to use when building their skills. For more information, contact the clubs directly. A list of clubs who support marathon paddling can be found here and their contact information can be found here.


Rules & Policies

ICF Canoe Marathon Rules (updated Jan 2023)
PA Canoe Marathon Competition Rules (updated Apr 2020)
PA Selection Procedures Policy (updated Feb 2023)
PA National Teams Uniform and Branding Policy (updated Feb 2023)
PA Privacy Policy (updated Nov 2020)
PA Entry Waiver Form (updated Nov 2020)
PVM Rules and Regulations
PVM Divisional Racing System (updated Mar 2022)
PVM Portaging Policy (updated Mar 2022)
PVM Medal Policy (updated Mar 2022)
PVM Victorian Team Selection Policy (updated Mar 2023)
PVM Code of Conduct (updated Feb 2022)
PVM Handicap Factors
PVM Points System (updated Feb 2021)
Craft Specifications

Forms and Checklists

PVM Medical & Emergency Information form (updated May 2023)
PVM First Aid Record (updated May 2023)
PVM Race Time Sheets (updated May 2023)
PVM Incident Report Form (updated May 2023)
PVM Race Protest Form (updated May 2023)
PVM Scrutineering Form (updated May 2023)
PVM Radio Issuance Form (updated May 2023)

Marathon Diary / Calendar
Marathon Diary of Events – The marathon diary provides you with all the information you will need for the marathon paddling year. From 2022 onwards, we are no-longer publishing marathon diaries.

Past PV Marathon Diaries
Marathon Diary 2021
– Other Past Marathon Diaries (coming soon)

PA Canoe Marathon Championships

6-10 April 2023 at the Geelong Canoe Club, Marnock Rd, Newtown, VIC

Information Booklet: https://2023marathonsupoceania.paddle.org.au/wp-content/uploads/sites/78/2023/03/2023_OPACMSC_Information_Booklet_V2.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2023paddleauscanoemarathonchampionships

Website: https://2023marathonsupoceania.paddle.org.au/


Full List of Results: http://2023marathonsupoceania.paddle.org.au/wp-content/uploads/sites/78/2023/04/2023_OPACMSC_Results.pdf





Trophies & Awards

Coulthart Trophies

  • Under 16 Male – Charlie Cornwell – Victoria
  • Under 16 Female – Sophie Hughes – Victoria

Frank Whitebrook Trophy

  • 1st Victoria with 751.5 points
  • 2nd Western Australia with 188.5 points
  • 3rd New South Wales with 169 points
  • 4th Queensland with 101 points
  • 5th South Australia with 56 points
  • 6th Tasmania with 20.5 points

Halford Challenge Trophy

  • 1st Victoria with 45 points
  • 2nd New South Wales with 35 points
  • 3rd Western Australia with 28 points
  • 4th Queensland with 10 points
  • 5th South Australia with 5 points

2022 PA Canoe Marathon Paddler of the Year

  • Junior Male: Noah Boldy – Western Australia
  • Junior Female: Jasmine Rayward – Queensland
  • Masters Female: Laura Lee – New South Wales
  • Masters Male: Terry Bolland – Western Australia
  • Open Female: Rebecca Mann – Victoria
  • Open Male: Josh Kippin – Western Australia

Photos & Videos

22-24 April 2022 at Coomera Watersports Club, 33 Watersport Lane, Oxenford QLD 4210

The 3 days of racing included short course and standard singles and doubles marathon courses with races for all ages from U10 to V70+. Peter Jones again kindly agreed to be the Victorian team manager.


While the weather and the portage were challenging at times, the Victorian contingent came away with a bounty of medals.

Category Women Men
Short Course
U18 Para Natalia-Drew Cole 1st
U23 K1 Alana Johnson 1st
Brianna Jones 2nd
Maddie Lamb 3rd
Open K1 Rebecca Mann 2nd
Hannah Scott 3rd
Open C1 Em Harrison 1st Tony Bond 2nd
Open Paracanoe Dean Garo 1st
Masters K1 Louise Greenwood 3rd Ben Johnson 2nd
Kenlea Murray 3rd
Standard Marathon Course – Singles
U10 K1 Jack Corrin 1st
U14 K1 Emma Corrin 1st
U16 K1 Bradley Buissink 2nd
U23 K1 Rachel De Kretser 1st
Hannah Scott 2nd
Alana Johnson 3rd
Nathan Jones 3rd
Open Rebecca Mann 1st
Kate Leverett 2nd
Open Paracanoe Natalia-Drew Cole 1st
Open VL3 Dean Garo 1st
Masters 45+ K1 Kenlea Murray 1st
Paul Kristian 3rd
Masters 60+ K1 John Young 2nd
Masters 65+ K1 Steve Vegh 2nd
Peter Prichard 3rd
Masters 65+ C1 Tony Bond 1st
Masters 65+ Ski George Polak 1st
Standard Marathon Course – Doubles
U16 X K2 Emma Corrin 1st Clive Cromack 1st
Open K2 Hannah Scott / Rebecca Mann 1st
Alana Johnson / Rachel De Kretser 3rd
David Cole / Joaquin Cuevas 2nd
Masters 45+ K2 Kenlea Murray 1st
Ben Johnson / Paul Kristian 2nd
Masters 50+ K2 Charles Power / John Hilton 1st
Masters 55+ K2 Dominic Scarf / John Young 1st
Masters 60+ K2 Peter Currie / Steve Vegh 1st
Masters 65+ K2 Hal Curwen-Walker 3rd

A special thanks to Paddle Australia and Paddle Queensland for organising the event, to the officials and volunteers, support personnel and to the PV Marathon committee & paddlers. You all contributed to making the event such a huge success.

Results: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3

Photos & videos: Visit the Paddle VIC Marathon Facebook page and the Paddle QLD Facebook page.

Victorian Team

Team Selection

PV Marathon Victorian Team Selection Policy (2023)

Selection Criteria

  • Selection to the Victorian Canoe Marathon Team (“VIC Marathon Team”) recognizes both the attainment of a standard of performance and the participation in marathon paddling in Victoria.
  • The selection event for the VIC Marathon Team to represent Victoria at the 2023 Oceania and Paddle Australia Canoe Marathon & SUP Championships (“Nationals”) in Geelong from Thursday to Monday, 6-10 April 2023, is the Victorian Canoe Marathon Championships (“VIC Champs”) in Geelong on Saturday and Sunday, 11-12 March 2023.
  • You do not have to be selected to the VIC Marathon Team to participate at Nationals. Selection is a point of recognition only. It is not required for entry to Nationals.
  • The two fastest crews in each class, which meet the qualification criteria, are eligible for selection.
  • Each VIC Marathon Team member will receive a Paddle Victoria numbered cap.

Qualification Criteria

  • A Paddle Victoria member.
  • Have competed in at least five qualifying races in the previous 12 months, where one race needs to be over 100 km from the paddler’s designated club.
  • Be in the winning crew, or finish within three (3) minutes of the winning crew, in an ICF classed race at the VIC Champs.
  • Be committed to competing at Nationals.


  • The VIC Marathon Team selection event does not require a “constituted class”, although this is preferable.
  • The three (3) minutes aligns with the Paddle Australia Marathon team selection criteria.
  • The reason for requiring participation in at least five State-level races, one of which requires some travel, is because the success of marathon paddling rests on strong involvement from the paddling community. We hope that paddlers seeking selection will participate in more than the minimum number of races and lead by example. Races in which a paddler is disqualified do not count towards the total.
  • Qualifying races must be open to all competitors. So, events that are class or age specific do not count as a qualifying race.
  • We recognize that many paddlers participate in other forms of paddling and in club-based or other races. Whilst participation in these events is encouraged it does not count towards the minimum requirement of State-level marathon races.

Qualifying Races

  • 2022 VIC Marathon Champs singles, Geelong
  • 2022 VIC Marathon Champs doubles, Geelong
  • 2022 Yarra Doubles, Tay Creggan, Hawthorn
  • 2022 VIC Short Course Champs, Bendigo
  • 2022 City Twilight, Essendon
  • 2022 Gippsland Camp, Bairnsdale
  • 2022 Bendigo Cup, Bendigo
  • 2022 Ben Ward Replacement, Footscray
  • 2023 Frank Harrison singles, Albury
  • 2023 Frank Harrison doubles, Albury
  • 2023 Saltwater Classic, Footscray
  • 2023 Murray River Classic, Yarrawonga

2023 Victorian Marathon Team

Paddler Club Singles Doubles
Daphne Bradley Goldfields K/S W U10 K/S X U10
Jack Corrin Cobram-Barooga K/S M U10 K/S X U10
Charlie Johnson INCC Yarra Paddlers K/S M U12
Emma Corrin Cobram-Barooga K/S W U14 K/S W U14
Bradley Buissink Patterson Lakes K1 M U16
Emma Murray INCC Yarra Paddlers K1 W U18 K2 W U18
Isabella Parish INCC Yarra Paddlers K2 W U18
Rebecca Mann Mercantile K1 W Open K2 W Open
Hamish Young INCC Yarra Paddlers K2 M Open
James Graham Echuca Moama TC1 M Open TC2 M U18
Karen Merlo Footscray TC1 W Open
Stephen Routley Fairfield UC1 M Open UC2 M Open
James Miller Shepparton UC1 M Open UC2 M Open
Tony Ladson Fairfield K/S M V55
Dominic Scarfe INCC Yarra Paddlers K1 M V55 K2 M V55
John Young INCC Yarra Paddlers K2 M V55
Debbie Bennett INCC Yarra Paddlers K/S W V65
Tony Bond Echuca Moama C1 M V65 C2 M V65
Michael Wilson INCC Yarra Paddlers K/S M V75


2022 Victorian Marathon Team

Paddler Club Singles Doubles
Aidan Han Fairfield K1 M U18
Bradley Buissink PLCC K1 M U16
Brendan Clarke INCC Yarra Paddlers K2 M Open
Campbell Rowland INCC Yarra Paddlers K2 M U18
Claire Dai Fairfield Kayak/Ski W U14
David Ceddia INCC Yarra Paddlers K2 M Open
David Cole PLCC K1 M Open K2 M Open
Dean Garo PLCC Adaptive /Para M Open
Dominic Scarfe INCC Yarra Paddlers K1 M V55-64 K2 M V55-64
Emma Corrin Cobram-Barooga K2 X U16
Joaquin Cuevas PLCC K2 M Open
Jo Davis Footscray TC1 W Open TC2 W Open
John Young INCC Yarra Paddlers K1 M V55-64 K2 M V55-64
Leo Lazzarotto Fairfield K1 M U23
Kate Leverett Mitta Mitta K1 W Open
Michael Fan Fairfield K2 M U18
Michael Wilson INCC Yarra Paddlers Kayak/Ski M V75+ Kayak/Ski M V75+
Mike Leverett Mitta Mitta K1 M Open
Natalia-Drew Cole YMACC Adaptive /Para W U18
Nathan Jones Mercantile K1 M U23
Rachel De Kretser INCC Yarra Paddlers K1 W U23
Rebecca Mann Mercantile K1 W Open K2 W Open
Sophie Hughes Bendigo K1 W U16
Tony Bond Echuca Moama C1/UC1 M V65-74 TC2 M Open
Zoe Schweda YMACC K2 W U16


2021 Victorian Marathon Team

Club Singles Doubles
Aidan Han Fairfield K1 M U16 K2 M U16
Andrea Szkibik PLCC K2 X V55-64
Bradley Buissink PLCC K1 M U14 TK2 M U14
Deborah Bennett INCC Yarra Paddlers K1 W V65+
Dominic Scarfe INCC Yarra Paddlers K1 M V55-64 K2 M V 45-54
Hamish Young INCC Yarra Paddlers K2 M Open
Isaac Johnson INCC Yarra Paddlers K2 M Open
James Miller Shepparton C1/UC1 M Open TC2 M Open
John Young INCC Yarra Paddlers K2 M V45-54
Karen Merlo Bendigo TC1 W V35+
Lachlan Dal Sasso Fairfield K1 M U16 K2 M U16
Nathan Jones Fairfield K1 M U18 K2 M U18
Neil Tattersall PLCC K2 X V55-64
Rachel De Kretser INCC Yarra Paddlers K1 W U23
Rebecca Mann Mercantile K1 W Open K2 W Open
Thomas Creed Goldfields Paddlers TC1 M U16
Tony Bond Echuca Moama C1 M V65+



PV Marathon aim to put out monthly newsletters. To subscribe, visit the News/Newsletters tab of the Paddle VIC website: https://vic.paddle.org.au/sample-page/news/newsletters/. You may need to renew your subscription if you were previously subscribed as the subscription service has recently changed.


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Contact Us

Chair John Young 0417 444 350 or marathon@paddlevic.org.au
Vice Chair Sue O’Rourke 0418 234 138 or marathon.vice@paddlevic.org.au
Treasurer Vacant* marathon.treasurer@paddlevic.org.au
Secretary Sally Miller 0409 564 329 or marathon.secretary@paddlevic.org.au
Communications Officer Arabella Eyre 0488 235 521
Sport & Junior Development Coordinator Debbie Bennett 0418 562 617
Volunteers & Officials Gary Flanigan 0400 580 910 or gary@flanifans.com.au
Race Permits & Registration Tony Payne riskybiz@netspace.net.au
Uniform & Merchandise Vacant*
Technical & Equipment Officer Vacant*
Governance, Compliance & Member Protection Michael Neilson
Recognition & Awards Vacant*
Grants Louise Greenwood
General Committee Vacant*

* If you are interested in the positions listed as vacant please contact John Young. For more information email Arabella.

Historical Results (2009-2021)


2021 Victorian Sprint and Short Course Marathon Championships
2021 Saltwater Classic (Footscray)
2021 Victorian Paddle Sports Long Distance Handicap
2021 Victorian Canoe Marathon Championships Saturday (singles) / Sunday (doubles)
2021 Points after Race 4
2021 VPS 200m Twilight Sprints Heats / Finals
2021 Victorian Schools Marathon Championships Session 1 / Session 2
2021 Frank Harrison Interstate Marathon Cup Saturday / Sunday
2021 Winter Series Race 1 – Tay Creggan
2021 Winter Series Race 3 – Fairfield
2021 Lockdown 5 Virtual Race
2021 Lockdown 6 Virtual Race
2021 Lockdown 6a Virtual Race
2021 Echuca Mini (virtual race)
2021 Bendigo Cup (virtual race)
2021 Spring back to paddling weekly challenge: Week 1 / Week 2 / Week 3 / Week 4 / Week 5 / Week 6 / Week 7 / Week 8 / Series Standing
2021 Bendigo Short Course Singles / Doubles


2020 GP1 – Murray River Classic
2020 GP2 – Saltwater Classic
2020 GP3 & GP4 – Frank Harrison Memorial Race SaturdaySunday
2020 Victorian Canoe Marathon Championships Singles / Doubles
2020 Victorian Schools Canoe Sprint and Marathon Championships Marathon race 1 / Marathon Race 2
2020 Bendigo Cup Race results / Handicap results / 5 lap and community fun paddle results
2020 Victorian Short Course – Bendigo Race 1 / Race 2 / Friendly Sprints
2020 Victorian Short Course – Geelong Race 1 / Race 2


2019 GP1: Murray River Classic
2019 GP2: Saltwater Classic
2019 GP3 & GP4: Frank Harrison Memorial Race Saturday / Sunday
2019 Victorian Schools Marathon Championships Session 1 / Session 2
2019 Victorian Canoe Marathon Championships Day 1 / Day 2
2019 WS Race 1 – Tay Creggan
2019 Australian Canoe Marathon Championships – WA
2019 WS Race 2 – Barwon Heads
2019 WS Race 3 – Fairfield
2019 WS Race 4 – Patterson Lakes
2019 WS Race 5 – Nagambie
2019 WS Race 6 – Short Courses (Gateway Lakes): Singlesdoublesteamspoints
2019 WS Race 7 – Echuca Mini
2019 Canoe Marathon World Championships – China
2019 Bendigo Cup and Community Paddle
2019 Salty TK and REC Challenge (Footscray)
2019 Ben Ward Memorial 40 Miler Saturday / Sunday


2018 Race 1 – Murray River Classic
2018 Race 2 – Saltwater Classic
2018 Race 3 & 4 – Frank Harrison Memorial Race SaturdaySunday
2018 Summer Finale – Geelong
2018 Schools Championships Marathon Race 1 / Race 2
2018 Victorian  Canoe Marathon Championships Day 1 / Day 2
2018 Australian Canoe Marathon Championships, SA Saturday AM / Saturday PM / Sunday AM / Sunday PM
2018 WS Race 1 – Barwon Heads
2018 Club Points (after WS 1)
2018 WS Race 2 – Hawthorn
2018 WS Race 3 – Fairfield
2018 WS Race 4 – Albury Singles / Doubles / Teams
2018 Club points (after WS 4)
2018 WS Race 6 – Nagambie Race 1 / Race 2 / Race 3
2018 WS Race 7 – Echuca Mini
2018 Canoe Marathon World Championships – Portugal
2018 Ben Ward 40 Miler Saturday / Sunday


2017 Race 6 – YMACC Murray River Classic – Kayaks  – Canoe/Adventure/Novice
2017 Race 7 – Footscray Saltwater Classic
2017 Race 8 & 9 – Frank Harrison Memorial Race day 1day 2
2017 Victorian Canoe Marathon Championships Day 1Day 2
2017 Australian Canoe Marathon Championships, NSW Day 1Day 2
2017 Schools Sprint and Marathon Championships Marathon 1 / Marathon 2 / Sprint 1 / Sprint 2
2017 C4/K4 Dash
2017 Salty Single Blader
2017 WS Race 1 – Warrnambool
2017 WS Race 2 – Hawthorn
2017 WS Race 3 – Fairfield team pursuit / Handicap results (preliminary)
2017 WS Race 4 – Patterson Lakes
2017 WS Race 5 – Nagambie
2017 WS Race 6 – Geelong
2017 Canoe Marathon World Championships – South Africa
2017 CVGT Echuca Mini Marathon
2017 Broken Creek Classic


2016 Race 1 – YMACC Murray River Classic
2016 Race 2 – Footscray Saltwater Classic
2016 Race 3 & 4 – Frank Harrison Memorial Race
2016 Victorian Schools Marathon Championships Morning / Afternoon
2016 Victorian Canoe Marathon Championships Day 1 / Day 2
2016 Australian Canoe Marathon Championships – QLD
2016 K4 Dash
2016 WS Race 1 – Patterson Lakes
2016 WS Race 2 – Warrnambool
2016 WS Race 3 – Fairfield
2016 WS Race 4 – Footscray
2016 WS Race 5 – Nagambie
2016 WS Race 6 – Geelong
2016 Club and school points
2016 Paddler points
2016 Canoe Marathon World Championships – Germany
2016 SS Race 1 – Bendigo Cup
2016 SS Race 2 – Murray Marathon Dress Rehearsal Footscray
2016 SS Race 3 – Murray Quad
2016 SS Race 4 & 5 – Ben Ward Day 1 / Day 2


2015 Race 1 – YMACC Murray River Classic
2015 Race 2 – Saltwater Canoe Classic
2015 Race 3 & 4 – Frank Harrison Memorial Race
2015 Victorian Marathon Championships Day 1 / Day 2
2015 Victorian Schools Marathon Championships Morning / Afternoon / Points
2015 Australian Canoe Marathon Championships – ACT
2015 K4 Dash
2015 WS Race 1 – Patterson Lakes
2015 WS Race 2 – Warrnambool
2015 WS Race 3 – Fairfield/INCC
2015 WS Race 4 – Geelong
2015 WS Race 5 – Nagambie
2015 WS Race 6 – Footscray
2015 Victorian Winter Series Results
2015 Winter Series Statistics
2015 Canoe Marathon World Championships – Hungary
2015 Bendigo Cup
2015 Ben Ward 40 Miler Saturday / Sunday


2014 Victorian Canoe Marathon Championships: Day 1 Essendon / Day 2 Footscray
2014 Australian Canoe Marathon Championships – Results
2014 5 & 10K Race 1 / Race 2
2014 Victorian Schools Championships Essendon / School’s Results
2014 Canoe Marathon World Championships – USA


2013 Australian Canoe Marathon Championships – WA
2013 Canoe Marathon World Championships – Denmark


2012 Australian Canoe Marathon Championships – NSW
2012 Canoe Marathon World Championships – Italy


2011 Canoe Marathon World Championships – Singapore


2010 Canoe Marathon World Championships – Spain


2009 Australian Canoe Marathon Championships – QLD
2009 Canoe Marathon World Championships – Portugal