What is Slalom

Slalom Kayaking is an exciting water sport which is great fun at all levels and takes us to some of the most beautiful and tranquil rivers and bush settings in Victoria. You can start at a local water course and end up representing Australia overseas including events like the Olympics.

Kayaking is a social sport with children of all school year levels practising together and looking after each other under close supervision from teachers and qualified instructors.

Canoe Slalom is an exciting white water paddling discipline that combines the best in paddling technique, skill, fitness and power. The sport consists of up to 25 designated upstream or downstream gates (vertical poles approximately on metre apart) suspended over a course of whitewater rapids along a length of 200 – 300 metres. The paddler must negotiate the gates in numerical order, the correct direction, in the shortest possible time and with the least number of penalties. Canoe Slalom can present challenges and deliver achievable outcomes at all levels from beginners to Elite. It is an Olympic sport and is well supported by the Victorian Institute of Sport.

The Slalom Committee organizes races during the year which are pitched at an entry level to the sport and graduate through to experienced and challenging whitewater as the year progresses.

There is an annual Yarra Series which run concurrently with a Country Series. These series culminate in Country Race 3 and the Victorian State Slalom Championships both of which are held on the Goulburn River, at Eildon in November/December.

Different Crafts

What does K1, K2, C1 etc mean ?

K1 are one person kayaks.  C1 and C2 are one and two person canoes which look similar to kayaks but in which the person kneels and uses at single bladed paddle.

Slalom kayaking is an exciting high energy race over several minutes through gates (pairs of poles suspended over the water) in whitewater rapids Downriver.  But kayaking is not just about racing – activities also develop advanced water safety skills and teamwork.


Slalom News in Development


The Victorian Slalom Technical Committee conducts a range of Races and Training Events each year.

Victoria is able to offer a variety of Slalom events each year to suit the needs of beginning and experienced paddlers.  See below for the events which are conducted each year.  The Victorian Slalom Calendar 2020 (link below) lists specific dates.  Detailed event information such as location, schedule and registration links will be posted on the PV Website in the weeks leading up to an event.  Event details can change due to weather and river conditions so please check there are no last minute changes.

The Committee are always looking for volunteers to help out with the running of events – if you are interested in volunteering or would like further information, email VSTC.

Follow this link for: Victorian Slalom Calendar 2020


Yarra Series

The Yarra Series of races is held on the Yarra River in or close to the Metropolitan area. The races are suitable for beginners through to experienced paddlers.

Race dates:

Yarra Series 1, Fitzsimmons Lane – Sunday 22nd March 2020

Yarra Series 2, Warrandyte Bridge –  Sunday 17th May 2020

Yarra Series 3, Griffiths Park – Sunday 21st June 2020

Yarra Series 4, Fitzsimons Lane Bridge – Sunday 2nd August 2020

Yarra Series 5, Dights Falls – Sunday 25th October 2020

Country Races

Races at a variety of country rivers.

Country Slalom 1, Big River – Sunday 19th July 2020

Country Slalom 2, King River – Sunday 16th August 2020

Warburton Slalom Race – Sunday 11th October 2020

Country Slalom 3, Eildon –  Saturday 21st November, 2020

Victorian Juniors/Schools Championships


Championships for junior paddlers and school students held in August or September each year.  The event is a suitable event for those who are beginning paddling.

For 2020 it is being held on the 13th September on the Yarra River at the Warrandyte Bridge.


National Slalom Development Camp

The NSD camp is designed for junior and developing paddlers, however paddlers of all ages are welcome.  There are usually over 60 paddlers which are broken into many smaller groups to accommodate the differences in paddling experience. The most advanced paddlers are usually paddlers who are trying, or have already made, the junior National Team, while other groups have paddlers that have only just started their paddling careers. Involvement of parents and other adults is very welcome.

For 2020 the NSD Camp is being held in November on the 20th (Fri), 21st (Sat) and 22nd (Sun) on the Goulburn River near Eildon. Country Slalom 3 will be held on the Saturday afternoon (21st).

Victorian Slalom Championships

The 2019 Victorian Slalom Championships are being held on the Goulburn River near Eildon on the 28th Nov (Sat) and 29th Nov (Sun).

National Junior  & Masters Championships (Incorporating Schools)


Managed by Paddle Australia. This event circulates around a number of the States each year. 

See the Paddle Australia Website for further information.

National Championships

Managed by Paddle Australia. This event circulates around a number of the States each year. 

See the Paddle Australia Website for further information.


Historical Reports
Victorian School Championship Winners 1974 – 2015

Race Results

All Ages Champs 16 Jan Heats Day 1 by Age Category
All Ages Champs 16 Jan Heats Day 1 Total Results
All Age Champs All Finals Day 2
All Age Champs Team Race Results Day 2
Yarra Series 1 28 Mar
Yarra Series 2 16 May
Yarra Series 5 7 Nov Fitzsimmons Lane
Country Series Race 3 21 Nov Dights Falls
Vic Champs 28 Nov Dights Falls
Vic Schools Championships 2021 not run due to Covid


Country Series Race, Goulburn River, Eildon. 22 Nov 2020
Vic Champs Goulburn River Day 1 Heats
Vic Champs Goulburn River Day 1 Results by Age Category
Vic Champs Goulburn River Day 2 Finals
Vic Schools Championships 2020 Not Run due to Covid
Yarra Series Fitsimmons Lane 13 12 2020 Only Yarra Series Race for the Year

Country Series 1 Goulburn River 21 July 2019
Country Series 2 King River Slalom Timed Runs 18th August 2019
Country Series 3 Goulburn River 23 Nov 2019
Vic Jnr Slalom and Down River Championships (Inc Schools) 8 September 2019
Victorian Slalom Championships – Goulburn River
Yarra Series 1 Warrandyte
Yarra Series 2 Fitzsimons Lane
Yarra Series 3 Fitzsimons Lane
Yarra Series 4 Dights Falls 4 August 2019
Yarra Series 5 Fitzsimmons Lane 27th October 2019

Vic Schools Championships 2018 Slalom  Downriver
Vic Champs 2018 Heat 1
Vic Champs 2018 Heat 2
Vic Champs 2018 B Final
Vic Champs 2018 A Final
Vic Champs Teams 2018
Yarra Series Results 2018 1-5  Trophies

Vic Schools Championships 2017 Slalom  Downriver
Vic Slalom Championships Cancelled Due to Flooding
Yarra Series Results 2017 1-5  Trophies

Vic Schools Championships 2016 Slalom  Downriver
Vic Slalom Championships 2016 Finals  Age results  Teams
Yarra Series Results 2016 1-5  Trophies

Vic Schools Championships 2015 Slalom  Downriver
Vic Slalom Championships 2015 Finals  Age results
Yarra Series Results 2015 1-5  Trophies

Vic Schools Championships 2014 Slalom   Downriver
Vic Slalom Championships 2014 Finals   Age results
Yarra Series Results 2014 1-5  Trophies

Vic Schools Championships 2013 Slalom   Downriver
Vic Slalom Championships 2013 Finals     Age results
Yarra Series Results 2013 1-5     YS trophies



Yarra Series Results 2010 1-5  Trophies

Yarra Series Results 2009 1-5  Trophies
Yarra Series Results 2008 1-5  Trophies

Getting Started

Paddle Victoria Slalom Clubs

Paddle Victoria has many affiliated clubs, a number of which specialise in slalom paddling and have club coaches and boats available for their members to use when building their skills. For more information, contact the clubs directly. A list of all Canoe Clubs in Victoria can be found here.  Refer to the next tab “Resources” for links to the two main Victorian clubs involved in slalom racing, Melbourne Canoe Club (MCC) and Canoes Plus Racing Team (CPRT)

Membership of Club & Paddle Victoria

To paddle regularly in Slalom Canoeing events paddlers must be a fully registered member of a club that is affiliated with Paddle Australia, and therefore Paddle Victoria.  Membership is via our Membership portal GoMembership in which all members are issued a Membership number. Membership is not expensive and provides insurance coverage and news, information and additional benefits from both the club, Paddle Victoria and Paddle Australia.

Membership renewals are due to Paddle Victoria through your club in July of each year.



Just Starting? – The come ‘n’ try category is designed for new paddlers to the sport still deciding if they want to get involved.  If you are not a registered member you can become a Trialist member for a month (4 weeks from purchase).  Paddlers with a Trialist Membership are not able to to compete in the State and/or National Championships.

It is the responsibility of the individual paddler / competitor to ensure that he/she has up to date membership of a PV (Paddle Victoria) affiliated club. Membership details will be checked against the current PV membership list at each race. If the paddlers name does not appear on the PV register they must either be able to provide proof of membership to a PV affiliated club OR pay the additional levy to cover Insurance for the current race.

For any paddler to compete in the State and/or National Championships he/she must be a current member of a PV (or Interstate Association) affiliated club.



Yarra Series Race Regulations/Proceedings

Slalom Race Official Role Descriptions


Key Slalom Canoe Clubs:

Canoes Plus Racing Team  https://cprt.canoe.org.au/

Melbourne Canoe Club   https://melbourne.canoe.org.au/

Useful links:

Paddle Australia  http://paddle.org.au/

Victorian Institute of Sport   http://www.vis.org.au


Chair – Chris Runting – chris.runting@gmail.com

Vice Chair – Lyne Strmecki

Treasurer – Lyne Strmecki / Paddle Victoria

Secretary – Sue Moorhen

Logistics – Chris Galea

Registrations – Laura Montalto

Athlete Development – Warwick Draper

Timing and Compiling – Russell Bassett

Contact Us

If you wish to contact the Slalom Committee, please email: vicslalomtechcommittee@gmail.com.

Victorian Slalom Team

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