Big River slalom

Thank you to the forty eight paddlers and their families that made the trip up to Big River last weekend and helped make the event such a success.  Forty eight paddlers is certainly an excellent turnout and must come close to a record in recent years.

It was great that Waz could join us just a few weeks out from his Olympic trip and that so many other senior paddlers (Jack, Phil, Chris and Scott) made the trip to support the event. Their presence at these events and their willingness to share their experience I know is greatly appreciated by the younger paddlers.

A huge debt of gratitude must also be paid to Roy for towing the slalom trailer up and back, for designing the course and then, with Max,  bush bashing on the opposite bank all Saturday afternoon to erect the course (often knee deep in chilly water!).

It was  really encouraging to see so many junior paddlers turn up to attempt Big River for the first time.  There were several acts of courage on the day but the award must go to Lucy Walsh for whom Big River was her first competitive event, perhaps having decided that the Yarra Series was just too easy!!  It was also great to see Sarah and Claire back in their boats after a period of absence  and we look forward to their continued appearances at future events.

Thank you to all the people who volunteered to help and I apologise to anyone who wanted to help but did not get a job.  I should have remembered to say  that all judging stations can always do with extra support.  Please, at the next event,  just walk up to a judging station and tell them you want to help, you'll certainly be welcomed.

The results for the event were compiled by our dedicated compiling team of Graeme, Heather and Ruth ably supported by runners in the absence of radios.  These results are now attached but it must be remembered that they are not the only measure of success for many of the younger paddlers.  Simply completing the course and attempting the gates is a major achievement.

Finally, there were a couple of items found at the end of the event including one camping chair (green "wild country"), one new looking hand saw (bright orange handle "Bahco Prizecut") and one picnic fork with a blue handle.  I have all items in my possession and looking forward to returning them to their rightful owners.


Andrew Fegan
Secretary IGS Kayaking Parent Support Group

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