2016 Victorian Slalom Championships – Results

On behalf of the Victorian Slalom Technical Committee, we are proud to announce the winners of the Victorian Slalom Championships held at Eildon over the past weekend. Before announcing our champions, we acknowledge the following:

Chief Judge: Peter Grant
Course Designers: Dave & Rachel Crosbee
Electronic Timing: Russell Bassett and team
Start Judges: John McDonald and Paul Loughran
Finish Judges: Daphne Nightingale, Karen Janiszewski & Paul Grant
Fixit Guru: Dean Tonkin
Compiling team: Lynne Strmecki, Laura Montalto & Karen Shamieh
Our many gate judges

Full results for the event are attached below, but please join me in congratulating Victorian champions for 2016:

C2 Mens: James O’Donohue-Hayes // Aiden O’Callaghan
C2W: Dita Pahl // Eliza Singleton
C2Mx: Zoe Lau // Josh Montalto
K1 Womens: Dita Pahl
K1 Mens: Tristan Carter (also fastest time of the day)
C1 Women: Madison Wilson
C1 Mens: Tristan Carter

The Victorian Slalom Technical Committee takes this opportunity to correct the results for C2 Mens in the qualifying heats. A last minute technical issue meant that this class was incorrectly recognised at the presentation – we apologise for this error. The correct results are:

  1. Kaylen Bassett / Warwick Draper 108.16 1
  2. James Stamp / Andrew Stamp 136.15 2
  3. Andrew Farrance / Jake Farrance Mast 999.00


  1. James O’Donoghue-Hayes / Aiden O’Callaghan 18 118.27 1
  2. Lachlan Basset / Samuel Grant 125.58 2
  3. Cameron McLaughlan / Tristan Carter 200.35


  1. Brad McLaughlan / Daniel Shamieh  110.96 1
  2. Tristan Speed / Alexander Loughran  153.06 2


  1. Jamieson Cowley / Archie Taylor 189.72 1
  2. Thomas Ladson / Riley Galea 190.04 2
  3. Sebastian Montalto / Mark Crosbee 218.47 3

Best regards

David Le Mottee
Chairman – Victorian Slalom Technical Committee





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