Travelling With Kayaks – Trailer Overhang Exemption

The Victorian Government recognises the important role water sports and recreational activities play in promoting health and well being in the community. Accordingly, a Gazette Notice has been published to allow trailers transporting water devices and gliders to exceed the regulatory rear overhang limit. This information bulletin sets out the new rear overhang limit and operating conditions for these trailers to ensure the equipment is transported safely.

The Gazette Notice sets a maximum rear overhang of 5.0 metres for glider trailers and trailers transporting water sport devices.
The increase in the rear overhang limit means that the maximum length of the trailer when carrying a load increases from the regulatory limit of 12.2 metres to a new maximum of 13.5 metres.

To read more about the rear overhang exemption please click on the following link: Class O Rear overhang Exemption_v2 

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