Victorian Slalom Team 2008




As a result of the final Selection Races for the 2008 Slalom Team being completed last weekend, the Victorian Slalom Team for 2008 has now been selected and is detailed below.


The VSTC has appointed Graham Hobbs ( as Victorian Team Manager for 2008, including the National Slalom Championships being held in Penrith later this month. Graham is available to assist any Victorians at the Nationals not just Vic. Team members.


There will be a presentation / get together to present rashies and acknowledge the members of the Vic. Slalom Team for 2008 which will be held at the Nationals for those that are attending. Watch for details up at the Nationals or contact Graham or Ruth Hardman for details.


As well as the presentation at the Nationals, there will be another presentation and acknowledgement of Team members which will be held at the first Yarra Series Slalom Race scheduled for April 20, 2008 at Warrandyte.


I would strongly encourage everyone to attend both of the above to show your support for the paddlers that have performed so well to gain their selection.




Senior K1M                                                        Senior K1W                                        Senior C1M


Warwick Draper                                               Sarah Grant                                        Jack Pead

Mark Nicholds                                     Leanne Guinea                             Chris Guinea

Phillip Mingerulli                                            Susie Wharton                                   Chris Wharton

Scott Guinea                                        Georgia Merritt                                 Christian Fabris


Senior C2M                                                                                        Senior C2Mxd


Tim Feben / Tom Baker Gabb                                                    Stuart Dry / Karen Rafferty

Talis Svarcs / Tom Greaves

Andrew Farrance / Kai Swoboda


Junior K1M                                                        Junior K1W                                        Junior C1M


Jaxon Merritt                                       Emily Fegan                                      John Hardman

Timothy Hobbs                                                 Antra Svarcs

Alastair Anderson                                           Marta Ivkov

Harry Ward                                                        Loren Kluwer


Junior C2M


Adam McNeill / Tim Anderson


Cadets Team


Chris Fegan                                                        Ellie Rafferty                                    

Jack Currie                                                         Maggie Webster

Alan Robinson                                                  Rosie Arnold

Ben Marriott                                                      Maddie Batters


Special Encouragement Selection for C2.


Anton Ivkov / Adam Rajic



Congratulations to all competitors for their strong support and participation that delivered a high quality series of Selection Races.


Also, congratulations to the athletes that have gained selection to the Victorian Slalom Team for 2008. You have all set a very high standard for future years.


Max Parsons



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